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In 2004, Antoine Simkine founded LES FILMS D’ANTOINE, an independent production company aiming at producing arthouse films with market potential, carried by author-directors having a strong vision.

Antoine Simkine has over 30 years of experience in the industry. After working as first AD and line producer, he co-founded in 1989 DUBOI that he managed until 2002 and was the executive producer of the VFX of about one hundred feature films such as THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN, AMELIE, ALIEN RESURRECTION by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, THE NINTH GATE by Roman Polanski, RONIN by John Frankenheimer, JOAN OF ARC by Luc Besson, THE MAN WHO CRIED by Sally Potter. Antoine Simkine has then worked for 20th Century Fox as VFX producer during the final phase of development of I ROBOT by Alex Proyas.

As a producer for LES FILMS D’ANTOINE, he has produced or coproduced ten European feature films of a great diversity of genre and budget. Children movies with ON THE SLY and BIRDS OF PASSAGE by Olivier Ringer, art- house film with HALBSCHATTEN by Nicolas Wackerbarth, thrillers with FISSURES by Alanté Kavaïté, PAINLESS by Juan Carlos Medina, PIONEER by Erik Skjoldbjaerg or VOLT by Tarek Ehlail, coming of age movies with SONS OF NORWAY by Jens Lien and THE SUMMER OF SANGAILE by Alanté Kavaïté. Most of these films were launched in A-list festivals, have received numerous prestigious awards and were sold in many territories by sales agents such as Wild Bunch, Films Distribution or Trust Nordisk.

Antoine has participated in ACE, EAVE+ and INSIDE PICTURES, he is a member of the European Producer’s Club, the EFA and the Cesars..