In 2004, Antoine Simkine founded LES FILMS D’ANTOINE, an independent production company aiming at producing arthouse films with market potential, carried by author-directors having a strong vision. 

Antoine Simkine produces European films of a large diversity. Documentaries such as MR GAY SYRIA by Ayse Toprak, children movies with ON THE SLY and BIRDS OF PASSAGE by Olivier Ringer, art house drama with FISSURES by Alanté Kavaïté or HALBSCHATTEN by Nicolas Wackerbarth, thrillers such as PAINLESS by Juan Carlos MediaPIONEER by Erik Skjoldbkaerg or VOLT by Tarek Ehlail, coming of age films with SONS OF NORWAY by Jens Lien and THE SUMMER OF SANGAILE by Alanté Kavaïté.

Antoine Simkine has participated to ACEEAVE+ and INSIDE PICTURES, he is a member of the European Producers ClubEFA and Académie des Césars.

In 2018, he has been elected as president of ACE Producers.