On The Sly trailer

In a not-so-far-away land, not so long ago, lived an ordinary little girl. She was however convinced that she was invisible to her parents. To be certain, she decided to disappear. What could end badly turns into an extraordinary adventure. 

Feature film fiction 77’ 2011
Coproduction with Ringprod (BE)
Script: Olivier & Yves Ringer
Director: Olivier Ringer
Casting: Wynona Ringer
International sales: Delphis Films

2011 BERLINALE, GENERATION KPLUS (FIAPF) (DE) ♦ Festival International du Film pour Enfants de Montréal, Canada – GRAND PRIX DU JURY ENFANTS – PRIX SPÉCIAL DU JURY INTERNATIONAL – PRIX INIS DU JURY PROFESSIONNEL ♦ Festival du Film Francophone de Vienne (AU) • Festival “Viewfinders” de Halifax (CA) ♦ Bafici, Buenos Aires (CA) ♦ Discovery Zone Luxembourg Film Festival (LU) ♦ China Children’s International Film Festival, Jiangyian (CH) ♦ Zlin Children International Film Festival (CZ) – GRAND PRIX DU JURY ENFANTS ♦ Filmfest Munich (DE) ♦ Dublin Irish Film Institute Festival (EI) ♦ Melbourne International Film Festival (AS) ♦ Buster Film Festival, Copenhague, Danemark (DK) ♦ Cinefest Subdury in Ontario (CA) ♦ Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur (FIAPF) (BE) ♦ International Children Film Fest, Bonn (DE) ♦ Schlingel Children Film Festival, Schemnitz (DE) ♦ Festival International du Film de Gand (FIAPF) (BE) ♦ Cinekid, Amsterdam (NL) ♦ BFI London International Film Festival (FIAPF) (UK) ♦ Vilnius International Film Festival for Children and Youth (LT) ♦ Tokyo International Film Festival (FIAPF) (JP) ♦ Tel-Aviv Children’s Film Festival (IS) – G R A N D PRIX DU JURY ENFANTS – MENTION SPÉCIALE DU JURY INTERNATIONAL ♦ Filém’on Festival International du Film pour Enfants de Bruxelles (BE) ♦ Piccolo Grande Cinema, Milan (IT) ♦ Iran Children’s International Film Festival, Hamedan (IR) – “GOLDEN BUTTERFLY“ PRIX SPÉCIAL DU JURY ♦ Oulu Children’s International Film Festival (FI). Festival du Film Européen des Arcs (FR) ♦ Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijon (FIAPF) (ES) ♦ Stuttgart Kinderfilmtage (DE) • Cinepanz, Cologne (DE) ♦ Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Youth (GR) ♦ Alekino Poznan (PL) ♦ 2012 Berlinale 2012 ECFA – EUROPEAN CHILDREN’S FILM ASSOCIATION AWARD ♦ Mexico City International Film Festival (MX) ♦ Children’s Film Festival Seattle (US) – GRAND PRIX DU MEILLEUR FILM ♦ Stuttgarter Buchwochen, Stuttgart (DE) ♦ Taiwan International Children Film Festival (TW)