Pioneer trailer

PIONEER takes us back to the start of the Norwegian oil adventure. Professional diver Petter is obsessed about reaching the bottom of the North Sea. Along with his brother Knut, he has the discipline, strength and daring necessary for the worlds most dangerous mission. A test dive to below 500 meters is compared to Norways moon landing, to convince skeptics that laying a pipeline to the mainland is possible. Then a tragic accident changes everything. The closer Petter comes truth, the more it dawns on him that his own life is in danger …

Feature film fiction,111’ 2013
Director: Erik Skjoldbjaerg
Script: Hans Gunnarsson, Katharina valen Zeiner,
Cathinka Nicolaysen, Nikolaj Frobenius and Erik
Casting: Aksel Hennie, Wes Bentley, Stephanie Sigman, Stephen Lang, Andreas Eriksen, Jonathan Lapaglia, Ane Dahl Torp
Music: AIR
Coproduction with: Friland (NO), Garagefilms (SW), MRP Matila Röhr (FI), Pandora Films (DE)
International sales: Trust Nordisk

2013 The Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund (NO) ♦ Toronto International Film Festival (CA) ♦ Filmfest Hamburg (DE) ♦ London Film Festival (UK) ♦ Chicago International Film Festival (US) ♦ EuroCinema Hawaii (US) ♦ Nordic Film Days Lübeck (DE) ♦ Les Arcs European Film
Festival (FR) ♦ 2014 Göteborg International Film Festival (SW) ♦ Norwegian Film Week, Moscow (RU) ♦ CPH:PIX (DK)