In 1931, just before the Spanish Civil War, a group of children are locked away in an institution. The children cannot feel pain and, with the help of a German doctor, they’re placed in experiments to help them understand suffering. In the present day, David, a brilliant neurosurgeon, is involved in a car accident which reveals that he is suffering from lymphoma. His only treatment is a bone marrow transplant from his parents, but when he asks them for help, he finds a mysterious connection between himself and the institutionalized children from 1931.

(Feature film fiction 105’ 2012)
Coproduction with: Tobina Films (FR), Roxbury (ES), Fado Filmes (PT)
Director: Juan Carlos Medina
Script: Juan Carlos Medina & Luis Berdejo
Casting: Tomas Lemarquis, Alex Brandemühl…
Coproduction with Tobina Films (FR), Roxbury (ES), Fado Filmes (PT), Acontracorriente (ES) with the support of Eurimages and d’Ibermedia
International sales : Elle Driver

2012 TORONTO international film festival (CA) ♦ L’Etrange Festival (FR) ♦ Tokyo International Film Festival (JP) ♦ Warsaw Film Festival (PL) ♦ BFI London Film Festival (UK) ♦ Spanish Cinema Now (US) ♦ 26th Leeds International Film Festival (UK) ♦ The Fantasy Film Night (DE) ♦ Vilnius Film Festival Kinopavasaris (LT) ♦ Fantasporto (PT) ♦ London Spanish Film Festival (UK) ♦ Spring Weekend (UK) ♦ Dead by Dawn Scotland international horror FF (UK) ♦ Edinburg film festival (UK) ♦ TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX (CA) ♦ 30th Filmfest Munchen (DE) ♦ PiFan (KR) ♦ VOICES Festival (RU) ♦ Festival de Cine de Bogota (CO) ♦ Fantastisk Filmfestival (SW) ♦ Salisbury International Arts Festival (UK) ♦ Catalan film festival (UK) ♦ Mannheim – Heidelberg Int’l Film Festival (DE) ♦ Trieste International Science Fiction Festival (IT) ♦ Sitges (SP) ♦ Mar Del Plata Film Festival (AR) ♦ 23rd Stockholm International Film Festival (SW) ♦ London Spanish Film Festival (UK) ♦ Madeira Micro International Film Festival (PT)